Klipfolio: Unparalleled Visibility with Pre-Built Dashboards

Klipfolio: Unparalleled Visibility with Pre-Built Dashboards

CIO VendorAllan Wille, President & CEO
It is well established that the power of data analytics is the magic pill, for organizations large and small today. While retailers in the past few years have been quick to adopt predictive and deep analytics to survive in a cut-throat consumer market, the need of the hour is real time business analytics. In such a scenario, Klipfolio subverts traditional analytical approaches with their cloud based Business Intelligence (BI) dashboard, which enables users to constantly monitor the health of their business. “With fluctuating market trends and buying behaviors, our solution focuses on delivering continuous metric updates for maximized profit and output,” remarks Allan Wille, President and CEO, Klipfolio. Also, since most retailers today, are at loss when it comes to integrating and monitoring technological additions such as beacons and store analytics, Klipfolio's real-time, easy to understand, and customizable dashboard helps effectively bridge technology gaps in the retail sector.

Backed by simple yet flexible data architecture, the Klipfolio dashboard can connect to various data sources and provides custom visualizations. The dashboard also facilitates data mashups, where information from multiple services can be combined into a single visualization. Most importantly, with Klipfolio, users have access to 300 prebuilt metrics and clients with limited technical knowledge can easily build dashboards to suit their needs. “The real power lies in the fact that with our solution, clients can create their own dashboards and chose the services they wish to monitor, in order to calculate a certain metric that is impactful for their business,” states Willie. Since the ease-of-use of their platform is the company's primary focus, Klipfolio completely negates the need for building complex warehouses and confusing schemas, and customers can just upload raw data and use it to create visualizations.

With Klipfolio, users have access to 300 prebuilt metrics

As the solution is 100 percent cloud based, a client neither has to download or update any software at any point in time. “Starting at a minimal rate of $24 per month for 5 users, our solution also saves retailers the hassle of exorbitant implementation costs,” says Willie.

In one instance, Flight Network an online travel agency based in Canada used Klipfolio to democratize its data. As more and more travelers are going the mobile way, Flight Network felt the need to improve the entire travel experience provided to clients. Previously, business metrics generated by Flight Network resided with a chosen few analysts in the company which hampered growth, led to constant queries about data, and resulted in loss of time. With Klipfolio, everyone at Flight Network now has access to real time data on a large dashboard, placed in a central location. The solution not only helps resolve issues quicker but also gives insights on how each marketing channel is performing.

Additionally, for organizations that need help with setting up their dashboards, Klipfolio offers personalized training and services and the company also has 350 global partners. “When it comes to assistance with design, deployment, and maintenance of a dashboard, having a local presence is extremely important. Our partners are spread across various continents and hold deep domain expertise,” points out Willie.

Moving forward, Klipfolio intends on investing heavily in mobile for improved customer experience and two points of focus for the company will be—connectivity between data sources and mobile alerts. Klipfolio plans on elevating mobile alerts from just a notification to a process driven initiative by hooking it with other systems. "We foresee a lot of opportunities where we can help retailers automate and increase efficiency and in the days ahead Klipfolio will continue to strengthen its platform and services through innovative enhancements,” ends Willie.”