minubo: Converting Online Data into Actionable Insights

minubo: Converting Online Data into Actionable Insights

As innovative technologies and services emerge, the e-commerce market is gradually changing and getting eye-catchy for consumers by offering new advantages and unmatched conveniences. However, many online retailers and brands face the challenge of dealing with complex analytics in their business in order to derive useful and timely information. “Today the analytics and business tools do not fulfill the needs of retailers for support, tuning, configuration, and structuring along with mathematical formulae and dashboards,” begins Tim Bridge, SVP of minubo. With years of experience in the industry minubo empowers retailers with the right BI analytics information and knowledge of configuration or construction of dashboards they need to sustainably grow their e-commerce business.

The company’s team develops a ready-to-use analytics solution that works as the central data hub for online retailers. minubo’s unified databases enable comprehensive possibilities of reporting and analysis that are based on e-commerce best practice metrics. This helps create transparency in all business areas and equip retailers to make better, metrics-based decisions. The firm also helps online retailers to use specific website analytics, and understand their website traffic, and gain relevant information about their customers to facilitate predictive analytics. “We constantly assist online retailers to get the traffic in the website and provide vendors a holistic view of their customers and their buying patterns,” adds Bridge. “We can guarantee retailers with lifetime loyalty from customers, show them their active consumers, and provide data analytics to identify the most profitable marketing channels.”

minubo offers a SaaS platform that does not require any additional infrastructure to be implemented or need internal ITIP support. The company has inbounded APIs and platforms, allowing data to pass and accumulate in one place.“We also integrate shop and web tracking data into a customer’s dashboard and proffer it as a ready-to-use solution, capturing exactly the information and insights that an e-commerce vendor requires while growing the business,” notes Bridge. “We help users to spot alerts and trends in their website in real time in order to note customers’ purchasing patterns.”

We can guarantee retailers with lifetime loyalty from customers, show them their active consumers, and provide data analytics to identify the most profitable marketing channels

In addition, minubo is able to track and provide information to online retailers to show them a way to interact with the systems and products via social marketing and other platforms.

In one such instance, a client of minubo was planning its global expansion and set up operations in different geographic regions. The client also wanted to understand their customers, as well as products, and campaigns that were most effective in a particular regional across their target marketing. minubo helped the marketer to specify their outlook, grow as well as focus on marketing campaigns and product offerings mostly on a regional basis. “We helped our clients to grow rapidly by 15 percent and provided them with useful customer insight for every region,” points out Bridge.

minubo’s technology leadership and focused approach to foster a culture of innovation has led the company to be known an exclusive service provider in the market. “We will also provide the opportunity to export reports into PDF documents so that it can be inserted in the presentation or displayed to the management in a different format,” concludes Bridge.