Sightline Retail: Streamlining Retail Workflow

Sightline Retail: Streamlining Retail Workflow

Thailand-based packaged food company serving the global market was struggling to establish its presence in the U.S. The prime reason behind this was their sales business model, in which product inventories were disproportionately allocated. By not having the right knowledge of demand and supply of the products, the business of their stores suffered. After numerous failed expansion attempts in the U.S., for over a period of five years, the packaged goods company became hopeful when they came onboard with Sightline Retail, a retail tech solution provider. Sightline Retail, wielding the power of data analytics, optimized the client’s sales by piecing together their supply chain, logistics, and warehousing workflow. Today, the Thailand-based CPG company has balanced its inventory, increased the bottom line, and spread its business across thousands of distribution points in the U.S.—in the same locations where they had failed to leave a mark less than a year before.

This instance is one of the countless success stories created by Sightline Retail who helped turn a client’s retail challenges into opportunities. Sightline Retail helps retail clients grow their business by reducing costs associated with inventory, production, manufacturing, and supply chain. “While our foremost aim for every business is to help them sell more products, we also lay significant focus on how to help clients save money while increasing profit,” says Shannon Bedore, managing director at Sightline Retail. To achieve this, the company imports relevant data from different sources such as government websites, third-party sources, and retailers’ point-of-sale (POS) to comprehend the demographic information and optimize product sales.

While ourforemostaim for every business is to help them sell more products, we also lay significant focus on how to help clients save money while increasing profit

Bedore classifies Sightline Retail’s retail solutions in two parts based on the purpose it solves. The first solution leverages data analytics to support retailers in increasing the sales of their products at the brick and mortar stores. For that, Sightline Retail uses third-party data to understand consumer demographics, such as individual and household income, age, and gender, among several other factors. The statistical correlations between these and the rate of product sales help clients in determining the items that should never go out of stock, and need to be preloaded and shipped to stores all the time. “The other analytics solution is to help sell the client’s manufactured goods that are still in the warehouse waiting to be sold,” explains Bedore. Both these analytics solutions put together, bolsters a CPG firm’s manufacturing and warehouse strategy to achieve better ROI and cash cycle.

That being said, Sightline Retail’s strength lies in relentlessly, focusing on improving a retail client’s bottom line. “Our high success rate is an outcome of our thorough understanding of a client’s customer’s purchasing behavior,” says Bedore. Besides, Sightline Retail sets itself apart from other retail solution providers by offering best-in-class technology and tools at a competitive rate.

In the last five years, Sightline Retail has witnessed significant growth in terms of revenue and acquiring new clients. However, Bedore believes that they are only standing at the tip of the technological iceberg, waiting to unleash more possibilities with their solution. Team Sightline Retail has strategies that will move a company’s position by leaps and bounds in efficiently shouldering their clients’ workflow and sales. With an extensive clientele that comprises big-box retailers in different segments, Sightline Retail’s roadmap is to broaden the retail categories that they support. This is always keeping Team Sightline Retail on its toes, and they are not ready to slow down yet.